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Jung von Matt/Limmat: Obermutten. A little village goes global. (by JvMLimmat)

Congrats JvM to social media marketing par excellence! On the Obermutten Facebook page the village promised to pin the printed out profile of each person that liked them to their community noticeboardprint outand. What happened next probably wasn’t expected as the sleepy village of 79 people exploded across the world of social media turning the initial $10,000 investment into $2,400,000 of earned media!  As a result the community noticeboard is full, as is the barn door and a whole lot more as mor than 12,000 people have since liked the page. But - even more important - its not just likes: the Obermutten Facebook page has been generating engagement levels beyond that of the Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga pages. 

A new way to share, connect and get inspired — PICNIC introduces: PICNIC Stories

With the introduction of PICNIC Stories, PICNIC goes beyond the event. Like the festival, PICNIC Stories is all about sharing: inspiration, new ideas, different opinions, and knowledge. Built around content gathered by PICNIC, pieces composed by the PICNIC audience and supported by professional content partners we are creating a place that invites participation and sparks conversations.

We kick off with

Enjoy diving into Stories, contributing, sharing, and regular updates to come!

Seth Godin doing what he does best - Not exactly telling anything new but simply stating the (rather) obvious better than everybody else. This time: 

Why it pays to have an open dialogue with you customers

The ROI in Social Media is patience. You have to have this DNA to be able to understand the ROI of Social Media. The problem with businesses is, they don’t have it.

"How do you measure the ROI of Social Media?" Thank you Gary Vaynerchuk! Thank you!

My question to Gary Vaynerchuk at LeWeb10 (by ayeletknoff)

France24 highlight the importance of social networks in their recent ad. 

We all know the role of social networks and Internet in spreading revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Social networks are now an essential source of information, as evidenced by the results obtained by France24, the French international news channel that broadcasts in three languages (French, English and Arabic).

It’s mainly the Arabic language version that broke all audience records during this period. But the channel as a whole has benefited from an increase in audience : in March 2011, experienced a peak in traffic with nearly 14 million visits and about 59 million page views.

The channel has also been very successful on Twitter thanks to its intense coverage of the Arab Spring, with a large amount of tweets dedicated to the topic, which enabled the channel to quintuple the number of followers of its Twitter account since the beginning of the year.

Based on these exceptional results, France24 and its agency Marcel have decided to highlight the link between freedom of information and freedom of expression on Internet.

France 24 - The Birds (by Marcel)

Recently somebody claimed advertising was not creative anymore… 


Its the scale of this campaign is what blows my mind.


I just became a proud member of PICNIC Club which is as of now open for everybody. Can’t wait until PICNIC News Network is online as well. Currently we are talking to a lot of amazing content partners and I can tell you this is going to be heaps of fun! Sign up now, sit on my blanket and stay tuned for more…

The World’s Most Exclusive Website

A new marketing idea playing with Twitter, the “verified” status and people’s wish to be important and famous. Asking “Are you important enough to get in?” The World’s Most Exclusive Website claims to be only accessible for those with a verified Twitter account. Knowing about the seductive potential of limitations, this marketing strategy puts its stakes on curiosity and the bet that people will try to access the website anyway. People who do so will see the following message

VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNTS ARE RESERVED FOR THE FAMOUS OR OTHERWISE SOCIALLY SIGNIFICANT. You are being redirected to a slightly less discriminating destination. 

and be forwarded to the website of an Italian Restaurant. They also automatically tweet 

I couldn’t get into the World’s Most Exclusive Website. 

to their followers enabling the campaign to go viral.

Now you are asking what happens if you indeed enter the site with a verified Twitter profile? I am about to find out but nothing much different, I assume. Verified Twitter profiles tend to have a huge amount of followers, though. Which means an even bigger potential to go viral. 

The question I am asking though is: Who will actually benefit from all the (expected) hype? I stayed roughly one second on the restaurants website not even remembering the name of it. Expecting exclusive content and being led to a place that looks more like the boringly normal Italian next door don’t go together for me. I can imagine the agency coming up with it will get some exposure since I expect this case being hyped across the respective (social media) marketing blogs. (Little) time will show…

Forget about those typical ad-industry awards… focus on something bigger (like, say, the Nobel Prize) and you’ll be amazed how inspired your work will be.

The greatest thing that we can do offer is to be good listeners…

John Jay manages to say in 2:30 minutes everything I think is important about consulting, branding, strategy and advertising. 

Exclusive video of Wieden + Kennedy’s John Jay on creativity (by FastCompany)

As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there’s a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a “filter bubble” and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our world view. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy.

(via Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles” | Video on

Forget thinking outside the box. Forget the box. Where brands need to go today, there is no box.